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We provide the strategic, creative and technical expertise to help organizations realize their goals through user centred design.

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A password of 12 characters being tested
Advice, Technology

How do I make a strong password I can actually remember?

There is a lot of misleading information about passwords, and many websites (including banks) have guidelines that actually lead people to create weak passwords. Here is how to create a strong password that you can remember. Let’s start with a password that would be completely acceptable by Canadian bank standards, yet would be very easy to... Read More 

Advice, Technology
Safer Wi-Fi

We often get asked by clients, colleagues & family about security on Wi-Fi networks. Here is our advice for the average consumer and small business owner. “Public” Wi-Fi Don’t use public WiFi. It opens... Read More 

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“Accessibility is not a feature, it is an ongoing commitment to universal human rights.”