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We provide the strategic, creative and technical expertise to help organizations realize their goals through user centred design.

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The winning entry in the Canada 150 Logo Contest
Business, Design, Opinion

The real costs of the Canada 150 Logo

The Canada 150 logo is being incorrectly reported by media across Canada as costing $5000. That is not true. First off, the government produced at least five other logos, which they showed off last year. The professional design community in Canada pleaded with the Canadian government to instead have one of Canada’s leading designers produce a... Read More 

Advice, Technology
Safer Wi-Fi

We often get asked by clients, colleagues & family about security on Wi-Fi networks. Here is our advice for the average consumer and small business owner. “Public” Wi-Fi Don’t use public WiFi. It opens... Read More 

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“Accessibility is not a feature, it is an ongoing commitment to universal human rights.”